• Ayurveda


    Balance for Body and Soul

  • Exotics


    Spoil yourself with an exotic timeout

  • Wellness packages

    Wellness packages

    The Lightness of being

« Part massage »

Intense massage for your back, shoulders and neck

Duration 25 min        32.-


« Whole body massage »

Duration 50 min        58.-


« Fango package with part body massage »

Profound and agreeable warm massage that relaxes your muscles


« Massage with aromatic oils »

Choose your favourite aroma, the smell of the oils increases your well-being and harmonizes body and soul

« Part massage »

Duration 25 min        37,-

« Whole body massage »

Duration 50 min        63,-


« Lymphatic drainage massage »

Blockades and accumulation of body fluids in your tissue are being activated and regulated. Toxic substances and dietary fibres are being removed and your skin will regain clarity/be clarified.

Duration 25 min        32,-

Duration 50 min        58,-


« Feet reflexology massage»

This special massage will treat your feet.

Duration 45 min        49,-

We wish you dreamlike hours with a treatment in our SPA hotel in the Black Forest.