Fly Fishing in the Black Forest

The wild & romantic Murg River is a fishing paradise

The peace & tranquillity you experience while fly fishing in the Black Forest are exactly what passionate fly fishers appreciate about their sport. 

The Murg River flows with a quiet gurgle through its wild, romantic valley. Sunshine sparkles on the water. River trout and graylings swim through the clear stream in Baiersbronn. Sometimes cottidae und lampreys can be seen playing in the water. 

You can take part in this romantic scenery. 18 Kilometres are divided into 8 zones and designated as a fishing paradise. Even the part of the Murg River that runs directly behind our house. 

We will be happy to help you apply for a fishing permit. The fishing season in Baiersbronn runs from April 1 to September 30. 

Book your Holiday in Hotel Sackmann. Good luck fly fishing in the Black Forest!