Your Hotel in the Black Forest: Nature, Culture, Pleasure

The gifts of nature are the most wonderful surprises

A heavenly Black Forest experience unfolds at our Hotel in the Black Forest. Every moment is a gift. 

The idyll for the 50 ducks who have found their adorable home in the wild and romantic Murg River behind our house. Sunlight shining through the tree tops at the edge of the forest. Butterflies dancing above the flowers in the meadow. Forest mushrooms growing in the Baiersbronn hiking heaven, small but proud along the sides of the forest paths. Murmuring streams & waterfalls in the Black Forest.  Fantastic views from the mountains over valleys to other mountain peaks. The many tourist attractions. 

The Pure Black Forest and its Pristine Nature

Romantic Impressions: Cirque lakes, Mountains, National Park...

The hiker's heaven Baiersbronn is a special idyll with mountains and cirque lakes that have come into being over millions of years, with trees that shape the landscape. A romantic and naturally wild place to relax

In some parts – such as the Ochsenkopf and the Bannwald Wilder See –  the Black Forest makes the impression of a primeval forest, allowing us to catch a glimpse of the circle of life. The Black Forest National Park, which stretches to Baiersbronn, is a monument to this primeval forest. 

Pure Black Forest! This special place to be active and downshift is part of a holiday at the 4* Superior Hotel Sackmann. For sport enthusiasts, families and relaxation seekers. 

Culture and Activities: Tips from your 4* Superior Hotel in the Black Forest

From the Festspielhaus to the Christmas Market

In the Nature Parks Black Forest Middle and North as well as in the Southern Black Forest, nature is accompanied by culture and pleasure with their many facets. The event calendars of the Black Forest communities are full of activities ... 

Experience the following in our region:

  • Baiersbronn Classic –  Black Forest Rallye for Gourmets
  • Black Forest Music Festival
  • The cultural monument Glashütte Buhlbach, 
  • Hauffs Fairy Tale Museum, Baiersbronn
  • Summer Theatre Freudenstadt
  • New Pop Festival, Baden-Baden
  • Culinary Wine Tour and the Wine festivals in the vineyards
  • Alemannic carnival
  • Nature Park Middle
  • Baiersbronn Christmas Village and other Christmas markets
  • Frieder Burda Museum, Baden-Baden
  • Festspielhaus Baden-Baden
  • and much more

Sackmann's Morning Paper, which we lay out every morning at breakfast, gives excursion tips and informs you of current events. 

We hope you have a great time in the Black Forest and at the Hotel Sackmann.