A Top Black Forest Hotel: In the Middle of Nature

An inspiration for natural luxury

The world of aromas in the Sackmann SPA and in the restaurants of our Black Forest hotel will inspire your senses. And motivate you to enjoy the Black Forest to its fullest on a hike, bike ride or other activity. 

Blooming spring flowers and indigenous herbs send off delicate aromas all around the resort town of Schwarzenberg. Breathe deeply and relax. Let the happy chirping of the birds and the rustling of leaves in autumn enchant you in this meditative setting. Take pause. The green meadows, the blue sky of the Black Forest and the yellow dandelions are details that make the picturesque impressions perfect. 

Experiencing this idyllic nature is true luxury. Welcome to the Nature Hotel in the Black Forest.

Downshifting in Nature

The Black Forest Hotel: From a hiker's heaven to a fisher's paradise 

Savour life in the Black Forest to the fullest extent.  Enjoy every moment in nature.  Downshift on the many kilometres of natural paths in this hiker's heaven.  Frolic with pleasure over the rocks in the Murg Riverbed. Fill up with energy on a mountain bike or e-bike in the luscious valleys and on fantastic mountain peaks. Paddle in unison on a canoe trip. Come to yourself while golfing. Find a heavenly contentedness while fishing. Discover your inner warmth while skiing or snowshoe hiking. 

Follow your dream of an active holiday in the Black Forest. Book a nature and active holiday in your Black Forest Hotel.

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