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Places of excursions
In the winter
Hotel Sackmann
An excursion to the market square in Freudenstadt / Black Forest The beautiful town of Baiersbronn in the Black Forest The pump rooms in Baden-Baden – relaxed shopping in Black Forest In Baden-Baden a must &nbdash; the Frieder Burda Museum A trip to the Rebland in the Black Forest Picture
market place
Baiersbronn Baden Baden
pump rooms
Baden Baden
Frieder Burda Museum
A place of excursion, the Schwarzenbachtalsperre A trip to the Münster in Straßburg Stuttgart is also worth visiting One popular excursion takes you to the Vogtbauernhöfe An excursion for the whole family – the Mehliskopf bob run
Schwarzenbachtalsperre Straßburg Stuttgart Vogtsbauernhöfe Mehliskopf
bob run
Sackmann's Morgenpöstle newsletter informs you every day about excursions and events.
Classic places to visit include Baden-Baden, Freudenstadt or Straßburg.
An excursion to Rebland, the Vogtbauernhöfen or the Mehliskopf bob run.